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A P3DN Socialization Activity Was Held in the Joyoboyo Room, Kediri City

 On November 17, 2023, a P3DN socialization activity was held in the Joyoboyo room of the Kediri City government. The socialization activity was opened by Mr. Wahyu head of the Kediri City Industry and Trade Department. Mr. Wahyu conveyed the obligation to use domestic products when you want to shop using the APBD or APBN in Kediri City. The priority scale or minimum use of P3DN is 40% of the allocated budget.

In allocating the budget, budget-making officials must be smart and committed to the obligations given. The use or application of P3DN is quite easy because the food and drink you order can be ensured that it is a domestic product, it's just that when choosing electronic goods such as laptops, motorbikes, or printers, you must prioritize or apply the P3DN principle. which can be arranged according to the budget and service needs.

The implementation of P3DN is very useful for advancing domestic industry, with the use of domestic products, domestic markets and workers will get maximum results. The next event was the delivery or presentation of material from the Kediri city inspectorate which said that if ASNs do not apply P3DN when purchasing or procuring goods and work with funds from the APBN or APBD, they will receive several sanctions such as cuts in performance allowances or other disciplinary sanctions.

A P3DN Socialization Activity Was Held in the Joyoboyo Room,  Kediri City

Furthermore, the delivery of material by UKPBJ as the goods procurement unit at the Kediri City Government, conveyed the technicalities of filling out the p3dn application when purchasing an item in an electronic catalog.

The P3DN socialization event in the Joyoboyo room, Kediri City, was attended by 80 participants out of 95 people invited so the room was full of participants from the start to the end of the activity at 11.00 a.m.

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