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22 Example sentences with the word Insulator and Its definition

What does the word insulator mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, in noun form, the definition of insulator /ˈinsəˌlādər/ is a substance that does not readily allow the passage of heat or sound, a substance or device which does not readily conduct electricity, a block of material, typically glass or ceramic, enclosing a wire carrying an electric current where it crosses a support.

How to use the word insulator in a sentence?

Here are 22 examples of sentences using the word insulator in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. We will use an insulator made of wood.
  2. Use insulators to repair frayed electrical wires.
  3. An insulator is a material that prevents electricity from flowing freely.
  4. Insulators have properties that can inhibit the flow of electricity or heat from the conductor.
  5. Insulators have a large electrical capacity.
  6. Wood is used as a heat insulator for several home appliances in the kitchen.
  7. Rubber and plastic are types of insulators from synthetic materials.
  8. Rubber as an insulator can be used as a copper wrap on cables.
  9. Fabric can be an insulator to retain heat.
  10. Glass is an insulator that acts as an electrical insulator for telephones and power lines.
  11. Ceramics is an insulator material used to withstand high-voltage electricity.
  12. Insulators are materials that are difficult to flow electrons freely from one atom to another.
  13. Plugs are one example of an object that uses an insulator material.
  14. With the existence of a plastic insulator, the electric wire cannot conduct electricity to humans.
  15. Dry wood is a natural material that can be a good insulator.
  16. Glass is the most robust insulator.
  17. Electrical cord covers and beverage bottles are suitable types of electrical insulators.
  18. Insulators are materials with very low conductivity, such as paper, plastic, brick, rubber, and mica.
  19. Insulators keep electrical circuits safe and do not harm living things.
  20. Insulators have a high specific resistance.
  21. Insulators can separate conductors without separating electricity.
  22. Insulator materials can protect from fire and transmission of electricity and sound.

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