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28 Example Sentences with the word take a nap and its definition

 What does the word take a nap to mean?

The definition of take a nap is a short sleep, especially during the day: snooze. nap

How to use the word take a nap in a sentence?

Here are 28 example sentences using the word take a nap in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. Why don't they ever take a nap?
  2. They don't take a nap because their house is far from the office.
  3. Mr. Fadlan likes to take a nap in his rice field hut.
  4. I hope you have an excellent take nap rest.
  5. It takes nap time for Tamara.
  6. We're taking a nap at home.
  7. When your child is taking a nap, growth hormones will flow in the blood more optimally.
  8. The child is fussy because he did not take a nap this afternoon.
  9. A thief was determined to steal Rahman's mother's chicken when he was taking a nap.
  10. Why don't you send your children to take a nap?
  11. He asked permission to take a nap at his house for 1 hour.
  12. His eyes are sleepy when he has to go to class at 2 pm because he usually takes a nap at his house.
  13. Abdullah always takes a nap every day.
  14. At what time is it best to take a nap?
  15. The teacher ordered the children to take a nap at 13.00 in the afternoon.
  16. Taking a nap within 15 minutes is good for the body.
  17. My body feels fresher after taking a nap.
  18. Who was snoring while taking a nap in class yesterday?
  19. We will play football after taking a nap.
  20. Maybe Mr. Farhan was taking a nap in the prayer room.
  21. Taking a nap, according to experts, can improve mood and memory.
  22. Please don't take too long naps that make it hard for you to sleep at night.
  23. Regular taking a nap can improve the brain's ability to process and remember what has just been learned.
  24. While taking a nap, suddenly, a motorcycle crash occurred in front of his house.
  25. Sutomo usually takes a nap in the prayer room.
  26. They forget that taking a nap is very good for their health.
  27. He was taking a nap at his house.

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