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21 Example sentences using the word Square and Its definition

 What does the word square mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, In the noun form, the definition of Square is a unit of linear measure equal to 3 feet (0.9144 meters), a cylindrical spar, tapering to each end, slung across a ship's mast for a sail to hang from, an area of ground surrounded by walls or buildings, an area of land used for a particular purpose or business.

How to use the word square in a sentence?

Here are 21 example sentences using the word square in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. The teacher told us to calculate the area of a square
  2. Our school field design is square.
  3. Ceramics are always square with sides the same length.
  4. Aisyah's mother bought a 100-square-meter piece of land in Surabaya.
  5. The luxurious square-shaped house near the red light belongs to Mrs. Sutejo.
  6. They make bread in square and circle shapes
  7. Mother Merlin's house is about 24 square meters.
  8. We have understood how to calculate the area of a square since the 4th grade of elementary school.
  9. The cover of the book was originally square.
  10. We bought 30 cubic meters of land to fill up 15 square meters of land.
  11. The side times side is a way to calculate the area of a square.
  12. The Mayor plans to make a city park in the shape of a square and decorated with flower gardens.
  13. The formula for finding the perimeter of a square is 4 times the side.
  14. Draw a square on the board using the EFGH points.
  15. A figure can be called a square if it has 4 sides with 90-degree angles.
  16. The district attorney's office rescued the assets of the Kemenkumham regional office in the form of 406 square meters of land.
  17. A square has the property of having sides that are the same length.
  18. 1400 square meters of paddy fields were damaged by a landslide in Ponorogo.
  19. The side of the square is 7 cm long.
  20. The area of a square with a side of 12 cm is 144 cm squared.
  21. A square is a flat shape that has sides the same length.

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