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Shopping at Paris Van Java Bandung Mall

 Where to Buy Original Goods in Bandung City?

The city of Bandung provides various kinds of public facilities, such as offices, schools, and Banking. Medical center, shopping area, If you want to shop to meet your home equipment needs, such as tools, electrical equipment, household furniture, shoes, clothes, t-shirts, and school reference books, while you are in Bandung. Then you can shop at Paris Van Java Bandung Mall.

At Paris Van Java Bandung Mall, there are hundreds of tenants from various well-known brands in Indonesia, namely Adidas, Transmart, SOGO, Bonia, Uniqlo, Converse, Marks & Spencer, Bershka, Ta Wan, Pepper Lunch, Shin Men, Tiga Wonton, Domino's Pizza, Sumoboo, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, Bakerzin, Fish & Co, Shaburi Kintan, Lumiere, Lego, Aldo. All open outlets there and you can shop for their production goods.

Mall Paris van java Bandung is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. It's a shame if you visit Bandung and continue by the Paris Van Java Mall. Many people from and outside Bandung shop for household needs at the Paris Van Java Mall.

How was your experience shopping at the Paris Van Java Bandung Mall?

My experience when shopping there was quite pleasant, where the mall's parking lot is wide, although sometimes it's difficult to park your vehicle when it's crowded. The conditions inside the Paris Van Java Mall are full of light and light, making visitors feel more comfortable shopping and looking at the furniture sold in the store.

At the concourse level, you will find well-known tenants such as Transmart, and Biznet, Japanese culinary delights such as Zojirushi, Xi Bo Ba, Kokumi, Bao Dimsum, and Solaria.

In the UG glamor level section, Kidz Station, D'Paris cosmetics store, Loly Poly, Gramedia bookstore, Samsung cellphone shop, Optik Melawai, Adidas Homecourt shoe store, Khakiku shoe store, Uniqlo clothing store, and many other floors. It is studded with shops and tenants from famous brands.

Your children can play in a children's play area (kid's zone) and an ice skating area (ice skating). You can also invite your younger siblings or children who are still toddlers to play at the Paris van Java mall. We guarantee that your son -Your daughter will be happy and feel at home playing at the Paris Van Java Mall.

One of the attractions of the Paris Van Java Mall is that the goods sold are original, high-quality goods. However, the price may be expensive but commensurate with the quality provided. The magnificent and spacious building gives a memorable impression to you. Very suitable for those of you who have a high taste for the quality of goods.

As one visitor's review on Google Maps said that the Paris Van Java Mall is very fun to hang out at night (although it's also nice to hang out during the day or evening), the rows of lights above the parking lot add to the point of the lively atmosphere. A row of restaurants also provides seating options in an air-conditioned room or in the open air next to the parking lot. There is a unique toilet with a special appearance and a semi-outdoor fish pond right in front of the toilet door. Some parts of the floor of the building are made of solid wood. Thus making it more unique and exciting.

How to visit Paris Van Java Bandung Mall?

The location of the Paris Van Java Mall is on Jl. Sukajadi No. 131-139, Cipedes, Kec. Sukajadi, Bandung City, West Java province, with postal code 40162, you can visit the Paris Van Java Bandung Mall using a google map. If you are already in the city of Bandung, you can type Paris van java on your google maps. Then you will be guided to the destination safely.

There are many modes of transportation in the city of Bandung that you can use, from crossroad motorcycle taxis to online motorcycle taxis (motorcycles or cars) that will take you safely to the Paris van Java mall.

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