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Shopping at the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur Bandung

 Where to buy groceries in the city of Bandung?

The city of Bandung provides various kinds of public facilities, such as offices, schools, and banking. Medical center, shopping area, If you are on the Pasteur toll road in Bandung, West Java, and you are looking for your needs or just relaxing while drinking warm coffee. You can choose Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur, the Bandung city.

Indomaret djunjunan Pasteur Bandung sells various groceries and community needs, ranging from rice to cooking oil. Sugar, bread, toiletries, slippers, brooms, various drinks, and so on. You can also buy warm dumplings and order hot coffee as a companion. The Indomaret djunjunan pasteur shop can be categorized as a complete and complete mini supermarket to meet your needs.

The Indomaret djunjunan pasteur store in Bandung is open daily from 7 am to 12 pm. Its strategic location makes this store frequented by the public for a short break before continuing their journey or shopping for daily necessities.

How was your experience shopping at the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur Store?

My shopping experience there was quite pleasant, and I could see the various needs available on the Indomaret Djunjunan shelves. The store lighting was sufficient, and the clerk was also ready to explain and show the location of the items if you asked them.

The price of goods at the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur Store may be higher than goods sold at other stores, but the quality of the goods, the staff service, and the store's location are superior values for visitors who want to shop.

In front of Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur is a parking area for four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles, next to which there is a place to drink hot coffee or hot tea. You can order hot coffee while eating dumplings at Indomaret Djunjnan Pasteur.

Shopping at the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur Store

The payment methods used at the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur store are cash and non-cash, so those who need to remember to carry some money can use their ATM. Several visitor reviews on Google maps also show that the Indomaret Djnnjunan Pasteur store is located in a strategic location and is easy for customers to visit. According to other customers, Indomaret Djunjunan Pastor sells cheap, complete goods, and the staff is friendly.

Where is the location of the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur store?

The Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur store is on Jalan Dr. Djunjunan No.94, Sukabungah sub-district, Bandung City, West Java province. The shop location is in one lane with the Vivo gas station and the Holiday Inn Pasteur Bandung hotel. You will find the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur Bandung Store on the left side of the road.

Every citizen of the city of Bandung must know the location of Jalan Dr. Djunjunan. However, those who have just arrived in the town of Bandung can be guided to the spot by typing on Google maps the Indomaret Djunjunan Pasteur shop as shown in the link below:

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