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21 Example sentences with the word lip and Its Definition

 What does the word lip mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, in the noun form, the Definition of lip /lip/ is either of the two fleshy parts which form the upper and lower edges of the opening of the mouth, the edge of a hollow container, or an opening.

In the verb form, the Definition of lip /lip/ is (of water) lap against.

Here are 21 examples of sentences with the word lip. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below.

  1. Her lips are rosy red.
  2. Why do you kiss me on my lip?
  3. I love your red lip.
  4. Why do your lips look dry and not fresh?
  5. He always bites his lip when he's angry.
  6. Due to the cold, his lips turned pale and blue.
  7. Cleft lip disease can also occur in toddlers.
  8. According to the teacher, smiling frequently will make your lips look thinner and smaller.
  9. Dian will go to a dermatologist to have her lips checked.
  10. Fadlan's lips look swollen because he accidentally hit the door.
  11. Do not put anything of value at the lip of the well.
  12. Matte lipstick can make your lips look sexy all day long.
  13. According to a study, coloring lips can help relieve stress.
  14. What causes cleft lip disease?
  15. Fadlan asked how to treat the chapped lips he was suffering from.
  16. Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly can treat dry and chapped lips.
  17. She says that a thicker upper lip than their lower lip tends to put their day above their thoughts.
  18. It's better for you to be silent than to lie with your beautiful lips.
  19. Drinking water in sufficient portions can also overcome dry lips.
  20. We are not afraid because the threat is only lip service.
  21. Gradient lips are a color gradient technique on the lips.

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