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22 Example Sentences with "Barren" and Its Definition.

 What does barren mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, In adjective form, the Definition of barren /ˈberən/ is (of land) too poor to produce much or any vegetation, (of a place or building) bleak and lifeless.

In noun form, the Definition of barren /ˈberən/ is a barren tract or tracts of land.

22 Example Sentences with "Barren" and Its Definition.

Here are 22 Examples of Sentences with "Barren." If you have any questions, please write them in the comment column below

  1. Iceland is one of the most barren countries in Europe.
  2. Serai Wangi can be grown in barren areas.
  3. Are all areas in the middle east barren?
  4. We found some barren land in the southern Yogyakarta area.
  5. They will fertilize the barren land in your area through reforestation.
  6. Hot air blows in a barren place.
  7. The sports auditorium shifted out to be a relatively barren concrete construction.
  8. What animals can live in a barren and arid area?
  9. Snakes, lizards, and cats are types of animals that usually live in barren areas.
  10. Thousands of hectares of barren and hot areas will be utilized as solar power plants.
  11. Farmers in Mount Sumedang are ready to reforest barren land by planting a thousand trees.
  12. According to scientists, Egypt, which is now barren, was once green and fertile.
  13. Not all areas in the Middle East are barren; some are humid and green.
  14. Two young men are lost in a barren field.
  15. The area was formerly barren and then planted with pine forests, so it became a tourist forest area.
  16. The barren area on the slopes of the Menoreh forest is now converted into a longan forest.
  17. The Pakistani government is driving a reforestation movement amid Pakistan's barren lands.
  18. Belitung's out garden was once a barren tin mining area.
  19. Agricultural technology has succeeded in turning barren land into fertile vineyards.
  20. Do oil palm plantations cause the land to become barren
  21. We are looking at portraits of a dry and barren forest in Turkey due to fires.
  22. A religious leader managed to turn a barren land into a crystal guava garden.

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