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20 Example sentences using the word Painting and Its definition

 What does the word painting mean?

In the noun form, the definition of painting /ˈpān(t)iNG/ is the process or art of using paint, in a picture, as a protective coating, or as decoration.

The following are 20 example sentences using the word painting. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below :

  1. I want to sell Monalisa paintings at your place.
  2. Mother thinks Joko's paintings are less interesting.
  3. Raden Saleh's painting of the arrest of Diponegoro has received high aspirations from the public.
  4. How to sell paintings quickly?
  5. During art school in Jakarta, he made paintings about his village.
  6. This painting of Sultan Agung is very beautiful.
  7. He teaches techniques for making beautiful paintings.
  8. Even though the place is not real, this painting has sold more than 50 pieces.
  9. Karmila tried hard to imitate the Mona Lisa painting on her canvas.
  10. The plant paintings above can sell quickly.
  11. Even though we can make paintings quickly, he can sell them at a high price.
  12. A painter in the 19th century was highly valued by the government.
  13. The seller beside the train sells paintings of Songo saints.
  14. The teacher explained to me about the materials used to make a beautiful painting.
  15. The presence of technology has reduced the number of painting makers.
  16. Mrs. Puan Maharini intends to buy a painting for a social donation.
  17. Tell the creator to have this painting duplicated.
  18. This painting shows a picture of my grandparents when they were young.
  19. Despite having physical limitations, a young man in Kalimantan managed to create an amazing painting.
  20. Mrs. Aminah displays paintings she made herself.

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