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21 Example sentences using the word Breathe and Its definition

 What does the word breathe mean?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, In the noun form, the definition of breathe is to take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process, (of a fish) drawing in water with dissolved oxygen through the mouth and force it out through the gills, (of a cell, tissue, or living organism) exchange gases, especially using a diffusion process.

How to use the word breathe in a sentence?

Here are 21 example sentences using the word breathe. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. The bird can still breathe after hitting the window.
  2. He needs help to be able to breathe normally.
  3. Many poor Arema fans died because they couldn't breathe at the exit from the stadium.
  4. Please check whether he can still breathe or not.
  5. Samsul thought the doll could breathe.
  6. We are used to running in the morning so that our bodies can breathe easily.
  7. How do fish breathe underwater?
  8. Covid 19 disease can cause humans to fail to breathe so they die.
  9. Plants breathe by inhaling carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen in the morning.
  10. At night plants breathe by inhaling oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide.
  11. We need an inhaler to make it easier for us to breathe.
  12. His nose was running cold so he had difficulty breathing.
  13. Fragrant jasmine flowers will make it easier for you to breathe.
  14. Fish breathe using gills.
  15. When you breathe your voice is heard in the microphone.
  16. He was able to breathe quickly and easily.
  17. When a fish breathes it opens its mouth and closes its gills.
  18. Fish breathe by absorbing water in which there are oxygen bubbles.
  19. He had to breathe through his mouth because he was sick with influenza
  20. The 15-minute break can be used by players to breathe and strategize.
  21. He was thinking about how the fetus breathes in the mother's womb.

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