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24 Example Sentences with the word Photosynthesis and Its Definition

 What does the word photosynthesis mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, in noun form, the definition of photosynthesis /ˌfōdəˈsinTHəsəs/ is the process by which green plants and some other organisms use sunlight to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water. Photosynthesis in plants generally involves the green pigment chlorophyll and generates oxygen as a byproduct.

How to use the word photosynthesis in a sentence?

Here are 24 examples of sentences using the word photosynthesis in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. Plants carry out the process of photosynthesis by inhaling oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide gas.
  2. Leaves are the main organs in plants where photosynthesis occurs
  3. We are opening photosynthesis in biology class.
  4. Fatimah's teacher asked Budi to explain photosynthesis in rice plants.
  5. Mr. Bambang said the photosynthesis material would appear in the final semester exam.
  6. Through the explanation of the slides he delivered, we understand more and more about the photosynthesis activities in plants.
  7. Plants can produce their food by photosynthesis.
  8. Plants need the sun to carry out photosynthesis.
  9. When photosynthesis runs perfectly, plants can thrive.
  10. Chlorophyll in plants functions to capture sunlight during photosynthesis.
  11. Who Was the first person to discover photosynthesis
  12. An Englishman named Jan Ingenhousz was the first to discover plant photosynthetic activity.
  13. Water and carbon dioxide are the two main ingredients in the process of photosynthesis.
  14. Photosynthesis results are circulated throughout the plant body to breathe, reproduce and act as food reserves.
  15. The teacher told us to observe the process of photosynthesis in chili plants.
  16. The teacher makes a chart of photosynthetic activities in plants.
  17. What gas is used during photosynthesis?
  18. Can you explain to us the activities of photosynthesis in corn plants?
  19. What are the signs that the plant is undergoing photosynthesis?
  20. Plants are autotrophic because they can photosynthesize and make their food.
  21. The products of photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen
  22. The more carbon dioxide gas content in the air, the more material plants use to photosynthesize
  23. Plants that lack water can make leaf stomata close and inhibit the rate of photosynthesis.
  24. The rate of photosynthesis is higher in germinating plants than in mature plants.

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