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27 Example sentences with the word farmer and its definition

 What does the word farmer mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, in noun form, the definition of farmer /ˈfärmər/ is a person who owns or manages a farm, a person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee.

How to use the word farmer in a sentence?

Here are 27 examples of sentences using the word farmer in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. I love to see the sight of farmers carrying hoes in the fields.
  2. Firman tries to become a successful spinach farmer.
  3. He has contacted several farmers to sell his agricultural commodities to him. 
  4. Some farmers sell their goods directly to the pare wholesale market.
  5. They will form a farmers' union in their village.
  6. Mr. Paidi plans to build a cooperative of prosperous farmers in the village of Sonopinggir.
  7. What is expected from the existing farmer cooperative institutions in the village?
  8. With farmer cooperatives, farmers can get lower fertilizer prices and financial assistance.
  9. Dilan dreams of becoming a successful farmer like his father.
  10. Currently, only a few young people aspire to become farmers.
  11. Farmers are the backbone of food security in Indonesia.
  12. From farmers, we can eat the rice we like every morning.
  13. Farmers are an exceptionally respectable profession for the continuation of human life.
  14. The government will provide fertilizer assistance to 1,000 farmers in Kediri in December.
  15. Shallot farmers in Nganjuk get extraordinary benefits.
  16. They said they would learn from chili farmers in Malang.
  17. How to become a successful rice farmer?
  18. Even though Bambang is a small farmer, his dream is to send his children to school as high as the sky.
  19. Farmers' unions asked the government to determine the HPP for grain and rice immediately.
  20. The government will increase the price of grain for farmers.
  21. Bulog is ready to absorb farmers' rice yields this year.
  22. Farmers asked the national food agency to set a price of 5600 per kg of grain.
  23. Farmers in the Magelang area have begun cleaning their crops from the eruption of Mount Merapi.
  24. Farmers in Magelang are worried about the price of chilies falling due to the eruption of Merapi.
  25. Seaweed farmers in East Nusa Tenggara want the Governor's Regulation on the trading system for fishery commodities to be repealed.
  26. Orange farmers in Kediri will sell their oranges to prominent collectors in Surabaya.
  27. We saw seaweed farmers attaching bottled water bottles by tying them in the sea.

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