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27 Example sentences with the word Spring and Its definition

What does the word spring mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, in noun form, the definition of Spring /spriNG/ is the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear, in the northern hemisphere from March to May and in the southern hemisphere from September to November, a resilient device, typically a helical metal coil, that can be pressed or pulled but returns to its former shape when released, used chiefly to exert constant tension or absorb movement.

In verb form, the definition of Spring /spriNG/ is move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward, originate or arise from.

How to use the word spring in a sentence?

Here are 27 examples of sentences using the word spring in English. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column below.

  1. We will visit Turkey in the spring.
  2. The plants usually start to flower in spring, and the leaves appear again.
  3. Class activities will open in early spring next year.
  4. His love blossomed in the spring of this year.
  5. When spring is usually excellent, and the sun shines brightly.
  6. Spring makes the days longer than the nights.
  7. In the Southern Hemisphere, spring starts from September to December.
  8. The air temperature in spring is usually hotter because it is approaching summer.
  9. In spring, many birds migrate to Europe.
  10. What tourism is opening in spring next year?
  11. When students travel in the spring, I have to study indoors.
  12. Spring is marked by blooming flowers.
  13. Spring is the period or period of transition from winter to summer.
  14. Spring does not occur in Indonesia or ASEAN countries.
  15. Spring usually occurs in European countries or countries that have a subtropical climate.
  16. Usually, spring starts from March to June.
  17. When you visit Japan, you can feel winter and spring.
  18. Spring is the time when nature seems to come to life from winter.
  19. Cherry blossoms bloom beautifully when spring comes.
  20. On the first day of spring, the length of sunset and sunrise is the same, that is, for 12 hours.
  21. Vegetables and fruits start to grow in spring.
  22. The Keukenhof Festival is a flower festival to celebrate the arrival of spring.
  23. My grandfather was being treated in Germany during the spring of last year.
  24. The opening of the monbukagakusho scholarship will be held in the spring of next year.
  25. The animals wake up from hibernation when spring arrives.
  26. Spring occurs because of the movement of the earth around the sun.
  27. They are enjoying spring in China.

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