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27 Example Sentences with Bottle and Its Definition

 What does bottle mean?

According to the oxford dictionary, In verb form, the Definition of bottle /ˈbädl/ is place (drinks or other liquids) in bottles or jars.

In noun form, the Definition of bottle /ˈbädl/ is a container, typically made of glass or plastic with a narrow neck, used to store drinks or other liquids.

27 Example Sentences with Bottle and Its Definition

Here are 27 examples of sentences with "bottle." If you have any questions, please ask via the consultation form above.

  1. We have five petrol bottles that you can use.
  2. He drank tea from your bottle.
  3. It is a big bottle.
  4. They will set up a milk bottle manufacturing factory in Kediri in the coming year.
  5. We love the Sosro bottled tea drinks.
  6. What bottles of Sosro tea can you sell in 1 day?
  7. In one night, Benjamin can spend five bottles of milk.
  8. Your child cried, asking for a bottle of warm milk.
  9. How do you make formula milk in a child's milk bottle?
  10. Wash baby bottles with warm water and detergent to keep them clean and safe.
  11. We can spend 100 bottles of tea every day.
  12. They are making plastic bottles that are easy to use.
  13. They packed forest honey in soy sauce glass bottles.
  14. How much does a bottle of mustard greens cost in Kediri?
  15. We are aware that glass bottle waste is hazardous.
  16. Keep your child's milk bottle away from pests and diseases.
  17. We were surprised when we found lots of liquor bottles scattered in the morning.
  18. They heard the sound of people laughing while playing with liquor bottles.
  19. Sabrina's mother collects bottles of liquor to sell gasoline.
  20. They are trying to use plastic bottles to sell in the market.
  21. How much does a bottle of gasoline cost now?
  22. Since the increase in fuel prices, one bottle of gasoline with a volume of 1 liter is sold for IDR 13,000 at retail.
  23. We are grateful to those who could provide a team of used Sosro tea bottles.
  24. They tried to clean up the plastic bottles scattered at the wedding celebration.
  25. Karmila wants to work for a glass bottle manufacturing company.
  26. How much is an employee's salary in a milk bottle manufacturing company?
  27. They put banknotes in glass bottles every day.

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