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21 Example Sentences with Ate

21 Example Sentences with Ate

Here are 21 examples of sentences with "Ate." If you have any questions, please ask via the consultation form above.

  1. I ate redfish last night. 
  2. Ilzami ate this bread in silence for a few minutes. 
  3. Remember what you ate last night 
  4. She sat on this chair and ate my cooking. 
  5. I watched her. She ate so fast last week. 
  6. He ate fried chicken yesterday 
  7. Who ate my bread the last time? 
  8. We ate a giant burger last hour.
  9. Brian ate some fruit at my house.
  10. I saw him. He ate some food above his laptop.
  11. We ate fried chicken in our school.
  12. Marya ate my food and washed her hand 
  13. She ate another mango yesterday. 
  14. Michael woke up and ate some fruit before going to sleep again. 
  15. Ratno ate doughnuts over there. 
  16. Fadli ate too quickly 
  17. Saraswati ate fried rice in my cafe. 
  18. They ate my cooking last week. 
  19. Samsul ate a hurried breakfast and left 
  20. Your family ate dinner together. 
  21. Arina watched this video and ate this bread.  

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